“My son is at high school and approaching his GCSE exams. In order to ensure he has the best possible chance of getting the right grades I have approached Christopher Welch to provide some maths tutoring to support him.
My son looks forward to the sessions and has grown in confidence in the subject since the tutoring began. He has even said that he is beginning to enjoy the subject content.
Mr Welch delivers the content in an easy to understand format and makes the sessions interactive; I would fully recommend him.”

Mrs Julia Allen


“My daughter has been tutored once a week since September. Maths has never come easy to Lauren and she has had a couple of disappointing years at school leaving her with gaps in her knowledge, issues with confidence and anxieties in exam conditions; all this going in to her final GCSE year.
After being taught by Mr Welch in Year 7 Lauren says that this was the “only time I got Maths, I even started liking it”.
Since September, in such a short time, her confidence has grown immensely. Her latest test has shown that her predicted grade that was questionable or doubtful is now strong with the potential to progress further.
Mr Welch is flexible, fun and encouraging and has been fantastic for Lauren.”

Mrs Amanda Southwell