Private Tuition

At Digital Tutor Services our private tuition is suited to support and challenge each individual learner whatever their level. All our tutors have a passion for helping learners grow in confidence and the personal attention provided allows learners to achieve far more in a much shorter space of time. We take care to embed understanding of key topics at each stage of the curriculum and coach our clients in exam techniques and how to answer questions in the best way possible.


“Mr Welch delivers the topics in an easy to understand format and makes sessions interactive, I would fully recommend him.”

Online Tuition

Using an open source web conferencing system our tutors are able to combine all the benefits of private tuition with a high quality online learning experience. Many of our clients find this virtual classroom environment more engaging and less obtrusive than tuition done in person and sessions conducted online allow learners to revisit lessons at any time to revise topics covered. With the removal of time spent travelling to and from sessions online tuition gives clients more scope and freedom to choose when is the best time for their children to develop their confidence and raise their attainment in maths.Our online sessions are of an hour duration, require access to broadband internet and headphones are advised for the best clarity. All sessions are charged at £30 per session and multiple sessions can be booked with tutors at their discretion.

“Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are far less likely to get good GCSE results. Attainment statistics published in January 2014 show that in 2013 37.9% of pupils who qualified for free school meals got 5 GCSEs, including English and mathematics at A* to C, compared with 64.6% of pupils who do not qualify.”

Department for Education Policy Paper; Education of Disadvantaged Children.

If your child qualifies for or has qualified in the past for free school meals then their school will have been given a Pupil Premium Grant to be used to help raise their attainment. If you are interested in extra support for your child ask about the possibility of using some of this grant to secure your child one to one support tailored specifically to their needs.